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VPX 50-88

Vertical CNC Blade Contour

The Patent Pending VPX Vertical CNC contour saw is the newest machine in ESCO's line of computer-controlled vertical cutting machines. The VPX is patented and provides a small footprint, offering more power with a lower operating cost than previous models and other machines on the market.

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HPX 50-88

Horizontal CNC Blade Contour

ESCO’s Second-Generation Horizontal Profiler (HPX); Utilizes a continuous blade band knife or tooth blade for fast and accurate profile cutting of flexible polyurethane foams, viscoelastic memory foam, latex foam, and semi-rigid high ILD PU foam.

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PMIII 1530

Horizontal CNC Wire Contour

ESCO's ProfileMatic III CNC profile saw is the third generation of ESCO's highly popular and successful line of abrasive wire contour cutting machines. Utilizing precision gearboxes Siemens CNC motion controls, servos and drives, ESCO's Profilematic III or (PM III for short) is able to process both rigid and flexible polyurethanes with efficiency, accuracy and precision.

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VPW 36-88

VPW 36-88
Vertical CNC Wire Contour

ESCO's VPW is a vertical wire profile saw typically used in the furniture and upholstery industry for contour cutting polyurethanes, flexible foams and non-woven fiber products. When processing vertically dust is minimized by the downward pull of gravity and the extreme speeds at which the wire powers through foam.

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HTX 50-88

Horizontal High-Density Slitter

The HTX line of foam slitters are high-speed, high-tension and high-precision slitting machines capable of accurately converting a wide range of polyurethane foam blocks into sheets. The HTX is equipped with a PLC control with PC interface. Industries commonly serviced by the HTX slitters are: bedding, furniture, upholstery, automotive and packaging.

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HT 51-88

Horizontal Medium-Density Slitter

The HT [High-Tension] series of horizontal foam slitters represent ESCO’s medium duty flexible foam slitters. Utilizing a composite bonded blade guide the HT slitters may be used to process light to medium density polyurethane foams quickly and cost effectively. HT models offer PLC controls with a touch screen interface.

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Tilting Manual Vertical Bandsaw

ESCO's tilt vertical foam band saws are designed to cut flexible foam at angles up to 45 degrees from the vertical. The model A-2 tilt foam band saw cuts angles in one direction, while the TWT-45 foam band saw will cut from -45 degrees to +45 degrees.

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Lab-Scale Manual Vertical Bandsaw

The ESCO F-3W is an economical model designed for small vertical cutting operations and lab work. Great for IFD samples features include a tilting table. A cabinet or stand is also available.

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