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Foam Cutting Machinery + Polyurethane Dispensing Equipment

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We listen closely to our customers’ process needs and we design all of our machinery with that simple principle in mind. ESCO machinery is designed to stand the test of time and your operators. We use only high quality industrial components and build to EU standards.


CNC Blade
Contour Cutting

High-speed continuous blade CNC machines offered in both vertical and horizontal formats capable of running both band knife and toothed blades with many options such as turntables, hold-down systems, blade stabilizers, blade sharpening systems.

Dynamic Mixing

ESCO specializes in low pressure dynamic polyurethane metering, mixing and dispensing technology. Our high quality low pressure mixing heads are offered in a wide range of flow rates capable of mixing the most demanding PU systems.

Cutting Lines
Automated Foam Cutting Systems

Using ESCO's portfolio of standard machinery and conveyors as a starting point, customers in conjunction with ESCO Sales Engineers can configure automated cutting lines to meet almost any demand. From sheet removal systems to blocking saws and traveling head cutoff saws.

Filled Systems
Filler Fed Dynamic Mixing

ESCO offers patented solutions for dynamically metering and mixing dry fillers into PU systems. From syntactic elastomeric coatings for deep sea oil pipe to green automotive PU systems that utilize recycled ground tire ESCO has 20+ years of advanced filler processing technology.

Foam Slitters

ESCO offers a broad range of horizontal foam saws, from two wheel tilt head saws to automated high-speed vacuum belt and carousel models. ESCO's slitters are used to sheet blocks of foam such as viscoelastic and high resilience (HR) foams to low density PU foams and even re-bond.

Engineered Systems
Automated Dispensing Systems

ESCO offers fully engineered custom solutions to meet each customer’s system requirements. The Edge-Sweets team can offer fully automated integral skin molding lines and shoe sole liner molding systems to continuous production of molded siding products and more

CNC Wire
Contour Cutting

ESCO leads the market with its high performance horizontal, vertical and dual axis abrasive wire saws. ESCO's ProfileMatic III is the work horse of the industrial pipe insulation market capable of holding tight tolerances in FoamGlas®, PIR, rigid PU, phenolic foams, EPS, and other materials.

Foam Band Saws

Manual + Automatic vertical saws by ESCO include small laboratory scale machines for ISO sampling, as well as saws for trimming standard blocks flexible foams, heavy-duty machines for processing rigid foams and specialty vertical foam saws for processing roll goods such as bubble wrap.

Laboratory Scale
Dynamic Dispensers

Edge-Sweets can meet your processing needs on a large scale or small scale. ESCO's laboratory scale; Low-Pressure, High-Pressure and Cast Elastomer polyurethane processing machinery is ideal for material or product development as well as small pilot production applications.

Low Pressure + FFH

Edge-Sweets mixing heads feature a modular design that allows production and application flexibility, improved maintainability and ease of customization to fit any polyurethane process application.

Standard + Heavy Duty

Whether you are convoluting viscoelastic foam for mattress toppers or PU foam for packaging, ESCO offers varying convoluter widths for the specific application or industry. Machines may be configured with standard convolution tooling, rollers for splitting/skiving or custom tooling.

Horizontal Slitters

ESCO's high density horizontal cutting machinery is used for a number of rigid products including: rigid PU and PIR foams, re-bonded foam, viscoelastic foams, thermoset plastics, composite balsa wood blocks, corrugated materials, as well as honeycomb and NOMEX.

Cutting Engineering
Custom Cutting Lines

ESCO Cutting Engineering is referring to our unique ability to customize equipment to our customer's specifications. Whether it be an automatic cutting line or a special width horizontal slitter, we can handle it.


A leader in hot cast elastomer processing including TPU’s and MOCA cured systems, Edge-Sweets Co. experience ranges from optically clear bubble free systems to high output filled elastomeric systems. ESCO offers advanced proprietary solutions for processing elastomers.

Dispensing Engineering
Custom Engineered Systems

ESCO Dispensing Engineering is an overview of our entire dispensing division. Since we have such a small standard offering of dispensing equipment, the majority of our dispensing projects are custom engineered with a focus on filled system engineering which we currently lead the industry in.

Lab Services
On-Site Laboratory

Edge-Sweets’ on-site laboratory and test facility offers customers the opportunity evaluate both ESCO metering, mixing and dispensing technology as well as to test their polyurethane system on production machinery. ESCO’s lab is invaluable for proving both machinery and the PU system.

Machines Ready for Shipping

For more information regarding ESCO's machinery inventory and/or machines with quick delivery, please see this section. Commonly inventoried machines are: HTX Slitters, ProfileMatic III (PM III 1530), Vertical ProfileMatic (VPW 36-88), F-3W, tilting head vertical saws (A-2). Click for details.

Foam Cutting Machinery

For more information regarding ESCO's machinery inventory and/or machines with quick delivery, please see this section. Commonly inventoried machines are: HTX Slitters, ProfileMatic III (PM III 1530), Vertical ProfileMatic (VPM 36-88), F-3W, tilting head vertical saws (A-2). Click for details.

Angle Cutting
Manual + Automatic

ESCO's A-2 Tilt vertical foam band saws are designed to cut flexible foam at angles up to 45 degrees from the vertical. The ESCO model 10-72 has a left-side oriented 12° Powered cutting head tilt

Foam Crushing
Bun Crusher

The ESCO foam block crusher is a heavy-duty unit designed to break the cell structure of HR foam, thereby liberating gases and creating a more luxurious feeling foam without the odors emitted by trapped gases.

Stationary + Automatic

ESCO offers a range of trimmers, crushers, and cut-off saws that can operate as stand-alone machines or may be included as part of an automated slabstock or bun trimming line.

Roll Stock Splitter
Standard + Heavy Duty

The Model C-RSS convoluter / roll splitter is a rugged unit designed to split flexible and rigid products where thin sheets from slab material are required.

Roll Compression
Foam Sheet Roller

The FSR-60 utilizes robust steel frame construction to withstand constant compression loads required to effectively compress and roll foam sheets. The FSR greatly reduces the amount of labor and time required to package foam for shipping.


ESCO's proprietary software solutions support all of our machinery. Take a look at what makes our equipment run...

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