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HPX - Horizontal CNC Blade Contour

Horizontal Blade Contour

ESCO’s Second-Generation Horizontal Profiler (HPX); Utilizes a continuous blade band knife or tooth blade for fast and accurate profile cutting of flexible polyurethane foams, viscoelastic memory foam, latex foam, and semi-rigid high ILD PU foam.

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  • Standard Features
  • Optional Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Floor Space Required


The horizontal contour foam saw has many applications and options making it a very versatile foam fabrication machine. ESCO’s horizontal blade CNC foam saw is most commonly used in furniture, bedding, packaging, medical, automotive and aerospace industries.

Common Applications

Bedding, furniture, packaging, medical, insulation, automotive, aerospace

Commonly Processed Materials

PUR soft foam, PUR HR foam, viscoelastic foam, latex, leightweight rebond foams, Basotect®

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HPX Specifications [Downloadable PDF][Opens in New Window]

  • PC based operator terminal
  • Industrial handheld remote control
  • Air-conditioned main control panel
  • Siemens CNC motion controls
  • ESCODraw Standard
  • Manual turntable assembly
  • Adjustable center blade guide/stabilizer
  • Adjustable block hold-down system
  • Variable speed blade drive
  • Perimeter Guarding
  • ESCODraw Pro - Advanced nesting and cut path generator
  • Automatic turntable upgrade
  • Conveyor for turntable with automatic load/unload feature
  • Blade sharpening system with dust collection
  • Air-conditioned PC terminal
  • ESCO Clean Blade system - for viscoelastic and gel foams

Operator Controls

  • PC based operator terminal mounted on freestanding podium
  • Industrial handheld remote control

Blade Assembly

  • Variable speed knife blade
  • Siemens cnc motion controls
  • Pneumatic blade tension
  • Precision balanced blade wheels
  • Adjustable center blade guide/stabilizer
  • Adjustable block hold-down

Turntable Assembly

  • Manual turntable [Standard]
  • Automatic turntable [Optional]
  • Automatic turntable with conveyors [Optional]

Hold-Down + Center-Guide Assembly

  • Adjustable block hold-down with powered belts
  • Powered adjustable center guide/stabilizer

Power Requirements

  • 480 VAC 3-Phase 35A
  • Clean, dry compressed air
  • Optional electrics available. Contact your salesperson today.
Model HPX 50-88
Blade Speed Variable
Cutting Speed 180 FT/MIN [55 M/MIN]
Cutting Width 86.8 IN [2200 MM]
Cutting Height 51.2 IN [1300 MM]
Floor Space Required
Overall Width 230 IN [5842 MM]
Overall Length 297 IN [7544 MM]
Overall Height 156 IN [3962 MM]
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